September 3rd 1939 11.15 am – Short Story – A Village United

History is one of my favorite subjects. This is such a well-written story depicting all emotional aspects of war: of those who are excited about serving their country, the families and friends of those preparing to serve for the first time, and those who have already suffered through loss of loved ones who were casualties of previous wars. Re-blogged from

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I first published this last year and tend to bring it out again on this date when the lives of so many across Europe changed forever.

A Village United.


St. Faith’s church stood on the outskirts of the small Hampshire village of East Stanton. A place of worship had been sited on this mound for centuries and there was evidence that a church had been dedicated there before 700AD. In the 12th century, the present building had been constructed lovingly by local builders and had been renovated, probably by the descendants of those same builders in the 14th and the 19th centuries.

The last changes to the building had been made in Victorian times and had taken ten years. The money for the project had been provided by the then Squire, Richard Cranford whose great grandson, Edward, was now the current lord of the manor. There had been Crandford’s in…

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