September 3rd 1939 11.15 am – Short Story – A Village United

History is one of my favorite subjects. This is such a well-written story depicting all emotional aspects of war: of those who are excited about serving their country, the families and friends of those preparing to serve for the first time, and those who have already suffered through loss of loved ones who were casualties … Continue reading September 3rd 1939 11.15 am – Short Story – A Village United

The Fisherman and the Fish

Cute rhyme. Re-blogged from

K Morris - Poet

A fish dangling.
Itself entangling
In a net of it’s own making.
I never yet saw a creature so half-heartedly shaking
In an attempt to escape
To the waters of the vast open lake.

The fisherman reels
In the fish, and feels
No pleasure
For his leisure
Is full
Of dull thought
And so many colourful creatures, so casually caught.

Fish and man stand
Hand in hand
And dance
In a parody of romance
Upon the sinking sand.

Who holds the power, man or fish?
A dainty dish, to often partaken
Will leave the diner forsaken
And calling
Out to diverse falling
To fill his solitary dish.

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My Newest Book List

I'm on a roll now! I have read the first book in the Ty Buchanan series by James Scott Bell (title: Try Dying) and loved it. He has such a great sense of humor with words (I need lessons!), writes sharply defined characters, uses short chapters, and keeps the reader engaged because you never know … Continue reading My Newest Book List

My Latest Book Just Released

Although I have not read these books yet, the author, in his invitation to read his works, sounds sincere, humble, and gentle. I will definitely be looking at this book. Re-blogged from

Russ Towne's A Grateful Man

Reflections from the Heart of a Grateful Man ebook coverReflections from the Heart of a Grateful Man

My book titled Reflections from the Heart of a Grateful Man is now available as an eBook on Amazon and in the Kindle Store, and will soon be available in hardcover format at Amazon.

In this book you’ll experience many of the simple yet powerful ways powerful ways I’ve found to enhance my life and the lives of others. Through true heartwarming and humorous stories, observations, and sketches, in this book I book explore many of the things that can make life so rich. I’ve attempted to honestly share these stories with vulnerability, humor, and gratitude, and to speak from my heart with every word I wrote.It is my hope that experiencing this book will be like being wrapped in a homemade quilt on a cold day, and that you’ll feel my love and gratitude on every page.

Please note that is the combination of two of my earlier…

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