Christian Clothing

Today is promotion day. I’m too busy with grandkids, getting ready to teach VBS in a couple of weeks, preparing SS lessons, and getting our motorhome ready to roll on Aug. 1 to write a real blog post right now. So I’m helping some friends promote their businesses. Hope that’s okay because these are businesses that I feel would appeal to a wide demographic.

This business is one I recently discovered and was very impressed. Kids-Teens-Moms-Unlimited is a clothing/accessory store owned by Dinah and Joseph Coppage and run by two savvy Christian ladies who really know their business. The store is located in Elba, Alabama. The store is available online as well as from the street. It is in a shopping center on highway 203. They accept phone orders and will ship anywhere. One of the ladies said she has been in this business for over twenty years, and if you give her your “real” pant size, she can get the right size for you in the rest of your clothing.

There is jewelry, hair clips/bows/headbands, etc. There are handbags, shoes, boots, backpacks, flip-flops. There are billowy, blousy tops, leggings, tee-shirts, belts, shawls, cover-ups. Just about anything you could want at reasonable prices and friendly service. If you stop in the store they will chat with you and make you feel like a long-lost friend.

Here’s the link:

Kids Unlimited