Chocolate Gravy?

Who ever heard of chocolate gravy? Is this like a new fad or something? What would you use it for? (I know, bad sentence structure.)

My friend, Gail Horine, lives in Tennessee and she has created her own business making a mix for chocolate gravy. Her business is called Grandma’s Old Fashioned. Gail created the mix from an old family recipe. The mix comes in a 5.2 ounce (147 gram) glossy plastic (?) pouch with easy instructions on the back. I made it for two of my granddaughters when they spent a few nights with us. The package yielded about two and a half cups of sauce which we poured over buckwheat pancakes. Mmmmmm. Everyone, even my fifteen-year-old granddaughter who isn’t crazy about chocolate, loved it. Leftover mix can even be reheated in the microwave or on stove top. Here’s the link to order:

Chocolate Gravy Mix

Happy Eating!