He Said She Said

I have just started reading this blog. It is well-researched, articulately stated, and documented. The insights of the author are things that most of us struggle with currently, or have struggled with. Johns heart and compassion shine through in every post. John, thank you for sharing your struggles and pain, as well as the victories, so that others may find the same grace and deliverance the Lord has given you.
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As He is...so are we

Proverbs 1817

He Said She Said

I am sure we have all gone through this in different relationships. “Tony is very offended at what you said and wants you to know that.” “Stacy wants to know if you can help her with this situation she is in.” We have all heard things like these from 3rd parties. Elijah House calls it Triangulation. It’s where one person speaks through another person to get information passed. And it is usually done for negative reason.

The reason I am blogging about this is because I had a dream last night. In the dream I was talking with an person who told me that another person was offended at what I said of did to them. Then I woke up and immediately thought about that term Triangulation and how I have experienced it in the past and even recently. It can be very damaging and hurtful.

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