This is a testimony of what real love is.

S.L. Shelton

Image2    You are by far, the most important thing in my life…you have been from the beginning. Even before I knew you, I was searching for you, making you the center of my existence long before I ever saw your face. You are my greatest journey.

You accepted me from the beginning as I was, showing me what unconditional love meant, without demands, without lessons, without lectures. I know I was slower to follow, but you taught me well by your example–you are the first I have ever loved with my whole heart, unconditionally, without reservation or hesitation. You are my greatest Muse.

Image6You have bad habits. Each one is so unique and special I couldn’t imagine you without them. I would miss each and every one of those unfortunate traits if you were to change them. You have been my greatest place of peace.

You have good habits. All…

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