In 1997 We Took a Little. . .

Oh, wait, this is 2016. My how time flies. In 1997 we put our house in Maryland in the hands of a real estate agent, gave power of attorney for the sale to a friend, and off we went to wild, barren, desert west: Quartzsite, Arizona. Back then the town’s population was just over 800; yet, at the height of the winter season over 500,000 RV’s and tourists would come through. The rock and gem show coincided with the RV show and lasted about two weeks. That was then.

This past winter (the first trip west since winter ’99-2000) things were quite different. Sweet Darlene’s restaurant was no longer in a tent; it was in a metal building. There were three semi-permanent RV sales lots in town, plus the RV show came in about the first of February. The rock and gem show came in during the second week of the RV show and it lasted about ten days.

The population, according to the librarian, is now around 2500. There are fewer vendors in the desert area, more RV parks, and JJ’s New and Used RV Parts, sad to say, had moved to Apache Junction.

Our first two trips out, our primary source of communication was the CB. That was before cell phones. Now we use cell phones and don’t get together for CB breaks so we can meet the people we’re talking to. We already know who we’re talking to. Many of our old friends had passed on to the next life or had developed health problems that prevented them from coming back. Still, it was good to catch up with a few that had settled there.

We sold our Airstream travel trailer three weeks ago and will drive our motorhome out this winter. Change is inevitable, but so is the fun. Thanks for reading along and taking a little tour with me.

I would love to share some of my photos but I don’t seem to have an option for that anymore. Sorry.