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The importance of checking prior to hitting the “publish” button on the WordPress dashboard was brought home to me this morning. I had (as is my usual practice) composed a poem entitled “Birds that Fly” using Microsoft Word. I then cut and pasted my poem into the edit field in “compose a new post” and, having selected tags and categories hit the “Publish” button. Up popped the dreaded “Mozilla crash reporter” indicating that something had gone awry. Having saved my poem in Word I wasn’t unduly concerned and restarted Firefox. Great! My draft had been automatically saved and all I had to do was hit the “publish” button for the second time. This I duly did only to find that “Birds that Fly” had (despite the earlier crash) in fact been published, leaving me with 2 posts with precisely the same content, including tags and categories! Had I taken a…

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…Authoress, Angela Wren invites yeez aboard for a picturesque wend through the French canals…

If you are fond of traveling by water, seeing landscapes from the vantage point of a boat or a ship, you’ll be enchanted by the work of this authoress: Angela Wren, who writes about the landscapes along the rivers and canals of France.

Seumas Gallacher

…some Guest Blog Posts just have a way of truly ‘transporting’ yeez to another place and another time… here’s a delightful piece from my dear friend, Authoress, Angela Wren, whose own blog kicks off a new series of posts beginning today, May 17th and is all about Robert Louis Stevenson and his travels in France…


A Wooden Train to Paris

I have a dilemma to resolve. I’ve been poring over my maps of France for the past three or four weeks now, trying to decide where next to explore. I could re-travel old routes taken before and relive previous adventures or I could try something completely new. That’s my dilemma.

Robert Louis Stevenson has taken me through the Cévennes on a number of occasions and his first published book, An Inland Voyage, has made me think about taking the rivers and canals in northeast France to follow in his sway…

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Open the Box #short story #writephoto

Wait for it. . .the unexpected ending. Well done, Mr. Le Pard!


sue vincent chestZach Peters tapped his pen on the clipboard. ‘That’s about it. Your mother’s house is empty. We’ve left a few things in the garage which we thought you should decide if you want to keep.’

Amelia Johnson nodded. Her mother kept so little she didn’t expect much. Indeed, the framed portrait of her grandfather and four photo albums weren’t much to represent a life.

Zach touched her elbow and directed her gaze at the far wall. ‘We found that chest. It’s locked mind.’

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Swallowing the Bathroom “Bill”

This is copied from a newsletter from a missionary my husband and I support. We don’t hate anyone, but reasonableness is called for. It seems to me the solution is very simple: Install gender neutral bathrooms in public places or transgender people use family bathrooms. As far as public schools are concerned, each person should use the bathroom, shower room equipped for the biological organs a person has. God made us who and what we are for His good purposes. I don’t know what causes the confusion, but we are more than feelings and hormones. We need to learn to be comfortable with, and like ourselves, for who we are, not who we want to be. God doesn’t make mistakes.

Swallowing the Pill of the Bathroom Bill

How has the leadership in America come to the belief that pandering to so-called transgender people is acceptable and even to be promoted when it comes to using the restroom? How can our President and Attorney General publicly promote such lunacy with a straight face?  No doubt, the vast majority of America’s decent people are shocked and awed that such a thing could ever happen in these United States which was founded “under God.”  I believe the answer is alluded to in Hosea 4:1,6 –

“Hear the word of the Lord, ye children of Israel: for the Lord hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land….My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou has rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget your children.”

Though these verses were addressed by God to the nation of Israel during their time of judgment at the hands of their enemies, the principle can certainly be applied to any nation that forgets God and is determined to live life without Him. We can only be defeated if we destroy ourselves by ignoring or refusing the truth of God as written in His Word.

How then does a nation get to the point of swallowing the devil’s pill or accepting a perversion of this magnitude? It didn’t happen overnight. Through the years we have, as a nation, downed other pills, perhaps of different sizes and colors, but none-the-less, just as serious. Let us consider some of these other issues that have been accommodated, accepted,  and now promoted as normal by those who have refused the clear directives of God.

By the way, God’s commandments and standards of conduct are not given to offend us or limit our happiness. Just the opposite. Yet when certain groups of people who “knew God and glorified him not as God, neither are thankful, but become vain in their imaginations and give themselves to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts…” God gives them up to “uncleanness” (v. 24), “vile affections” (v. 26) and to a “reprobate mind.”  (Romans 1)

For years now, those who claim to be transgender have hollered for their right to be accepted as normal. The popular, and well-known Bruce Jenner was convinced after being a husband and father that he was truly a woman and so now dresses like one. Are we saying that God who created each person either a male or female made a mistake by putting a woman’s brain in a man’s body or visa versa? Or could it be that the God-given power of choice has been abused and perverted?  For most of Americans the pill is still in our mouth and we don’t dare swallow it; at least not yet.

Most recently, the U.S. Supreme Court made a ruling that same-sex marriage was a right and could not be refused by those who grant marriage licenses. That was a hard pill to swallow, but many are managing to keep it down and adjust to its side affects.

Before that, this country’s leaders have accepted and promoted gay rights which makes it impossible to prosecute their unnatural and nefarious activity, though many States had laws against homosexual activity on their books. But again, the gay and lesbian lifestyle has been taught as an alternative lifestyle and though we choked quite a bit, many finally have swallowed that pill as well.

When we kicked God and prayer out of our public (state-run) schools, they were replaced by the religion of Humanism which makes man the judge of what is right or wrong as he sees it. Since we did not want the Ten Commandments to regulate and guide the expression of morality in our society, we simply outlawed them. God then simply turned us over to our own devices. Since we think we know better than God of what is to be considered right or wrong, our schools are now filled with violence, drug use, rebellion, blatant ungodly sexual expression, homosexuality, and immodest dress. Are we better off today doing it our own way? We have swallowed the Devil’s pill of “hath God said?” (Genesis 3:1).

So, now we’ve accepted abortion, divorce, adultery, fornication, teen-age pregnancy, and pornography. . There has been a deliberate attack of the devil and his human cohorts on sex and sexual distinction. We’ve promoted the uni-sex clothing and hairstyles to the point where it is often difficult to tell the sexes apart from a distance. Everything that God has made that is pure and right, but Satan has been successful in perverting our society. And so many have just rolled over, taken the pill and gone back to sleep.

The so-called “Bathroom bill” is a symptom of the spiritual and moral disease that has infected our society. As we have ignored God, His Word and morality, these have been replaced by Man worship, moral relativism and wanton immorality.  Let us as Christians, first of all, live our lives according to the values of the Word of God which never change. Then let us not be afraid to speak out about the issues that undermine the very foundation of our nation, churches and homes.

For too long we’ve allowed the miniscule immoral minority of our great Country to dictate and demand what the rest of us must accept. We know the devil, our enemy, is behind it all hating God and His creation – you and me. The greatest pill we have to offer this sin-sick world is the Gos”pill” (Gospel); for only Jesus can change one’s heart and then beliefs and actions through faith in His shed blood on the cross of Calvary

10 Most Dangerous Places in The World to Visit or Not

More amazing photography with information about each photo from Can’t get enough of these photos!


Ilha da Queimada Grande (Snake Island), Brazil

Hidden somewhere off the coast of Brazil, this island is widely recognized as the most dangerous place on the planet. The reason for this is quite simple this place is full of one of the most venomous snakes in the world, Bothrops. Researchers estimate that about five snakes per square meter live on the island. There are several stories of people succumbing to the deadly predators in no time at all.

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This is a testimony of what real love is.

S.L. Shelton

Image2    You are by far, the most important thing in my life…you have been from the beginning. Even before I knew you, I was searching for you, making you the center of my existence long before I ever saw your face. You are my greatest journey.

You accepted me from the beginning as I was, showing me what unconditional love meant, without demands, without lessons, without lectures. I know I was slower to follow, but you taught me well by your example–you are the first I have ever loved with my whole heart, unconditionally, without reservation or hesitation. You are my greatest Muse.

Image6You have bad habits. Each one is so unique and special I couldn’t imagine you without them. I would miss each and every one of those unfortunate traits if you were to change them. You have been my greatest place of peace.

You have good habits. All…

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In 1997 We Took a Little. . .

Oh, wait, this is 2016. My how time flies. In 1997 we put our house in Maryland in the hands of a real estate agent, gave power of attorney for the sale to a friend, and off we went to wild, barren, desert west: Quartzsite, Arizona. Back then the town’s population was just over 800; yet, at the height of the winter season over 500,000 RV’s and tourists would come through. The rock and gem show coincided with the RV show and lasted about two weeks. That was then.

This past winter (the first trip west since winter ’99-2000) things were quite different. Sweet Darlene’s restaurant was no longer in a tent; it was in a metal building. There were three semi-permanent RV sales lots in town, plus the RV show came in about the first of February. The rock and gem show came in during the second week of the RV show and it lasted about ten days.

The population, according to the librarian, is now around 2500. There are fewer vendors in the desert area, more RV parks, and JJ’s New and Used RV Parts, sad to say, had moved to Apache Junction.

Our first two trips out, our primary source of communication was the CB. That was before cell phones. Now we use cell phones and don’t get together for CB breaks so we can meet the people we’re talking to. We already know who we’re talking to. Many of our old friends had passed on to the next life or had developed health problems that prevented them from coming back. Still, it was good to catch up with a few that had settled there.

We sold our Airstream travel trailer three weeks ago and will drive our motorhome out this winter. Change is inevitable, but so is the fun. Thanks for reading along and taking a little tour with me.

I would love to share some of my photos but I don’t seem to have an option for that anymore. Sorry.