I’m Late. . .Again

I know, I know, I promised I would write one post per week. I had every intention of keeping that promise. So here’s what happened:

We arrived in Alabama on the property with the grandkids three weeks ago Thursday, around 8 p.m. We had traveled a little over 600 miles pulling our 34′ Airstream travel trailer behind us. We had stopped in Tennessee to purchase our motorhome. Our church there was getting ready to have revival services ten days later. We decided that would be a good time to go back and pick up the motorhome.

While we were in Alabama we spent a lot of time with the grandkids and trying to get the insurance changed over from the trailer to the motorhome, secure a mail forwarding service, and lots of other paperwork stuff. While we’re here I also help with the cooking and I spend time with the kids’ other grandmother who arrived three days after we did.

This family has horses, dogs, exotic birds, and capuchin monkeys. We also have a church home here and our son also lives in the area. There is no shortage of demands on my time.

Thursday before last we left to go back to Tennessee to pick up the motorhome and car dolly. We took our oldest granddaughter with us. We picked up the motorhome that day, drove it to the RV park, got it set up and went shopping for groceries. I spent the next few days helping our granddaughter study for her school exams through Gateway and also for her ACT test. She took the test the following Wednesday and did extremely well except for the ACT which she will take again next year.

Revival services started Sunday and ended Wednesday. Last Thursday we came home. We picked up the two next youngest grandkids and brought them over to the other kids’ place. The younger ones spent the weekend (nights) in the motorhome and wore us and their older siblings out during the day. Meanwhile we were trying to get stuff moved out of the trailer into the motorhome. We listed the Airstream on Craig’s List Monday and have been frantically trying to find a place to put everything so we can get pictures to post for the people who are interested.

I’m not bored! I’m in purge-a-tory.