[Flash Fiction] The Little Girl in the Back Seat

This is a great flash fiction story. Loved it. Re-blogged fro jademwong.wordpress.com.

Jade M.Wong

carI’m sure that the little girl in that back seat was signing us…can you speed up a little bit?”

Devan rolled his eyes, but complied, edging closer to the boxy car in front.

“She’s spelling something.”

Devan started to reply with something along the lines of ‘you’re being paranoid, bro’, but stopped short when he saw the wide-eyed girl staring at him through the back window, feverishly moving her hands.

“Two fingers to the right…‘H’.”

Devan glanced at his brother, who had pulled up the Sign Language alphabet on his phone, his gaze hastily moving from the girl to his phone and back.  

“Sort of a fist…‘O’? No, wait, ‘E’. And that’s an ‘L’. And…”


Devan looked at his brother in silence, time stopping as realization dawned on them. In a jolt of reality rushing back, Devan floored the accelerator, his brother gripping his seatbelt…

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