Surip Mountain Beach Resort: Tips and Trips!

All photos are taken by Jenny. These are her pictorial episodes of her travel adventures. I’ve just discovered this blog. It is sure to be a favorite for those of us who enjoy the outdoors and God’s creation around the world.

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Alaminos, Pangasinan in the Philippines is known for its One Hundred Islands where many tourists visit the place and experience ISLAND HOPPING. You can explore the islands by riding a boat and feel the ambiance of seawater, caves and trees.


These are the boats going to the different islands.


Those mountains you can view at this picture are the islands I am referring to.

Our family dropped by the Hundred Islands for a short span of time because our real destination is on the white beach at Surip Mountain Beach Resort at Bani, Pangasinan.


On the way to Surip, Bani Pangasinan


A big tree at the middle of the divergent road


The entrance to Surip Mountain Beach Resort

If you are from the city of Manila, it is a 6 hour-drive (if there is no traffic). You need a private vehicle going to the resort because it is far from…

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