You know, I never thought to ask…

This is something all of us writers need to be aware of. I’m sure the majority of us over-use some words. I hope my beta readers pick up on mine and let me know. Thanks for sharing, Dan.

Dan Alatorre

head shot Your humble host

You know, I never thought to ask if there was a better procedure for doing this than what I’m doing.

So I’ll ask!

When my critique partners got done with my story, they had flagged a lot of “crutch words” along the way. Those are words you accidentally overuse or stick in when you need something – and they start to stick out to readers. Repetition creates an aura of sameness, of boredom, which is NOT what you want in a story you’ve spent untold hours working on to be compelling and gripping! They gotta go! But how?

All I did was make a list of those crutch words as my CPs pointed them out and then, one by one, take a crutch word and do a search in the manuscript for them one at a time, replacing them as I went. The word smile

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No One Special

Kristeen Nicole Gillooly

I am no one special. Really, as far as this world goes, who I am doesn’t matter. There is no need for applause. There is no need for a great following or a loud cheer. I could delete all of my followers, put down my music, and never sing another note. Jesus would still love me. I am not here for the praise of man but to praise the one who gave His life for me. So if I must sing, I will do it for Him.

If I am hated by every man, and thrown into jail for speaking about my faith and sharing the Gospel, it wouldn’t make me a better or worse person. There is no martyr greater than Jesus, and I am humbled in knowing Him. I am humbled when in the trenches because I know that my sacrifices will never compare to what He has done…

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