Vengeance Re-write

As stated in a previous post (a while ago), I am doing a re-write of my first novel, Vengeance. I started a discussion about it on my Create Space page on Amazon.

If you would like to see a different cover, I am open to suggestions. You, the reader, are the reason I write. I’m trying to gain some insight as to the motives of Angel and Joel in trying to get Fawn’s property. How were they affected by the Civil War and the emergence of their community as part of a new state? (West Virginia seceded from Virginia when Virginia joined the Confederacy. WV won its statehood on the grounds of taxation without representation.)

How does Angel’s chronically ill mother and too-busy-with-politics father impact her values and personality?

Share your thoughts with me. I value your thoughts and ideas. If you haven’t read the book, I apologize for the fact that I have no control over the pricing. It is only being sold by individuals who already own a copy. When the re-write is finished I will re-publish through Amazon and hope to have it available in print and e-book format.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Aleta Kay

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