4 Tips To Launch Your Successful Goodreads Promo

Here’s another post I really need to keep handy. Hope it helps other readers/writers too. Re-blogged from danalatorre.com.

Dan Alatorre

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I ran a Goodreads giveaway for a book I published a while ago, Savvy Stories. (We recently discussed the importance of Goodreads in your marketing strategy HERE andHERE) Did I sell a lot of books during my promo? Well, that’s not what this particular giveaway was supposed to do.


Most promotions are done to bring awareness to a product. That, my promo did. Big time.

RECON: A quick review of Goodreads giveaway promos showed that most are new releases and most get about 900 or so people to register to win the book being given away. That’s impacted by several things: how many paperbacks are in the giveaway, how long the promo runs, and how well known the book or author is. For…

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