10 Things That Make A Book Successful

Yep. I think I need to do some up-dating on my novel that’s already out there, and I need to let the right audience know it’s there. Re-blogged from danalatorre.com. (Sounds like an Italian name. I grew up around Italians. Love the people and the food).

Dan Alatorre

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Why are some books successful when others aren’t? Lots of reasons. A new release carries a lot of excitement by all parties because it’s NEW. Your excitement as an author spills over everywhere. Each little step your baby takes, you are gushing with pride. A three year old book with few reviews is harder to get a fire going under.

But in all cases there are some key elements, some do’s and don’t’s, that will make your book much more likely to succeed.

Your EXCITEMENT plays a major role. People want to be a part of it, want to help, want to see what the fuss is all about. And people can sniff it out when it’s faked.

Damn. People are smart.

But by far the biggest things that make a book successful are and will probably always be a professional cover that makes people want more…

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