No More Bullying

I was one of those kids that was bullied too. I had friends but they didn’t stand up for me, I guess because they were also intimidated by the bullies. Standing up for the underdog is hard when you’re a kid. I’m glad I’m and adult. There isn’t enough money in this world to make me want to ever go back to my childhood. I hold no grudges. Most people grow up and grow out of it (I hope), but when you’re being bullied, it hurts. Some people never get over it. Thankfully, because of Christ, I did.

Kristeen Nicole Gillooly


In our society, too many people seem to think it is perfectly acceptable to hurt other people with their words in the name of fun. As someone that has been picked on my whole life, I feel the responsibility to educate people on how wrong they are. Jesus calls on us to love one another, and nowhere in the Bible does it list being mean or bullying as a fruit of the spirit (Galations 5:22), and yet everywhere I turn I see it. This is not how we are to love our neighbor. There is a distinct difference between teasing and having fun with someone that is laughing back at you, and being mean for your own gain because you think it’s funny. Only the Devil is laughing when you are being mean or bullying someone. Here is a refresher on the differences…

– Everyone is having fun

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