Opus Dei – A Poem About the Work of God In Your Life

Love, love, love this poem. My heart can only say, “How, Lord, can I ever thank You enough for all the changes You have made in me? And Your patience and persistence are ever at work, still molding and shaping me.” Re-blogged from https://alongthebarrenroad.com.

Along the Barren Road


Opus Dei – A Poem the Work of God In Your Life

Your hot breath has blown on me
and provided the oxygen for glowing embers of love
where there was once nothing but cold, hard coals.

You’ve cultivated my soul
and provided the rich, black soil for roots of patience
where there was once rash temperament without restraint.

Your loving hands have lifted by head hung low in shame,
while your fierce winds have blown like a cyclone across a barren desert,
beginning to level this wall of pride.

You’ve provided for me a solid fortress
deep in the heart of your city
with ramparts tall and wide, impenetrable by the sufferings of this world.

You’ve blessed me with the gift of wisdom, to pause for breath.
I once dove headfirst into life’s battles like a torpedo of chaos without thought,
only to be whipped into retreat, scrambling for…

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