Do you know how to write texting?

This is one I hadn’t thought about, but in this age of technology I really need to keep up with everything if I’m going to write realistically.

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Texting is here to stay.

At least until Apple comes up with the next best thing.

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If our stories are to stay current, we need to discuss texting

Writers need to stay on top of trends and changes, whether they are permanent or fads. Why? Because it dates the story.

I’m discovering more and more the need for research. You may not be writing a historical or technical book, but the need for research is ever-present.

Children’s book? Need to research games they play, books they read or don’t read. Type of clothes they like, yes, even in kids.

YA? Research required not just in slang terms, but clothing, electronics, TV, social media, peer pressure and that’s only the beginning.

Fiction books require research as do non-fiction.

All that brings me to texting. If you want to write a texting scene in your book, research is a must. Start…

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