Donald Trump is a Christian Leader. South Carolina and the GOP Just Said So.

Amen, brother! Without mentioning his name, I had a parallel post on my blog on the 24th. If our choices come down to a dishonest woman or a rabid bully, this country is in BIG trouble. “Even so come, Lord Jesus.” This world is not my home. Lord, please saved our lost loved ones. Reb-blogging.

john pavlovitz

TrumpDonald Trump is a Christian. South Carolina’s GOP voters have confirmed this.

Never mind that his life and campaign are devoid of anything remotely resembling the Jesus of Nazareth we find in the Bible.
Forget that the rampant capitalism, unchecked ego, power lust, and repulsion for strangers oozing from his persona aren’t things anyone reading the Gospels would at a call at all Christlike.
Disregard the steady flow of verbal diarrhea; of banning refugees and building walls and shutting up women and beating up dissenters, which comprises his growing testimony.
Pay no attention to the fact that his attitude toward immigrants, Muslims, people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community are as filled with venom and contempt as can be measured.

None of that matters.
It’s all irrelevant.
We don’t care.
He doesn’t need Jesus in the slightest in order to use his name or fleece his flock.

Donald Trump is a Christian in…

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