Here are the Free, Info Templates I promised

These are awesome!

Jean's Writing

Not one, but two!

Two templates for you to use.

Just fill in the blanks of the Author Information Sheets located at the bottom.

But first I wanted to share with you the ones I’ve been working on for my book.

A local Author Con is coming up in May and I’ve been busy working on some AI Sheets for my book. I like the Sheet 2 best, although the Sheet 1 contains more information. I’m not sure more is always better.

What do you guys think?

AI Sheet Sheet 1

Ben sheet 2 Sheet 2

With these templates you can make your very own customized AI Sheet. For the basics, I’ve made it a simple click and fill in the form type of templates. But you should be able to adjust these templates by adding or deleting information to make them more personal for your book.

Now go forth and have some creative fun. And do let me see some beautiful flyers!

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