Who’s Fault Is It?

They were arguing—again. “Well if you hadn’t said. . .”

He glared at his wife and yelled, “I wouldn’t have done. . .if you hadn’t said. . .”

She answered, “Why is everything always my fault? You think you’re so perfect. Well, let me tell you, buster.  . .”


Sound familiar? It does to me. I hear this frequently on so called sit-coms, and sometimes from other couples in real life. It’s so easy to focus on the other person’s faults instead of asking ourselves how we contribute to the problem and try to think of solutions.


We do this with God, too. Well, Lord, if you’d take care of this situation for me I’d go to church more often. Lord, if you’d just change my husband, job, boss, etc. I’d serve you more.


As I read scripture, I find many passages that talk about what it takes for God to bless us, and what happens when we refuse to accept His authority in our lives. It is imperative for each of us to accept responsibility for our actions, take the consequences, repent with a sincere heart, seek God’s forgiveness, and ask Him to help us become the people He created us to be.


When David sinned with Bathsheba, then had her husband killed in battle when he found out she was carrying his child, [(Bathsheba was not at fault: she obeyed the king’s command; according to the passage in scripture, it was David who was at fault. He wasn’t where he was should have been—on the battle field with his men.] God sent the prophet Nathan to confront David. There were several consequences  to his sin. The first was that the first child he conceived with Bathsheba died. David repented of his sin as soon as Nathan pointed out his sin. God forgave David immediately, but it did not cancel out the consequences. Romans 3:23 says the wages of sin is death. David paid the price with a broken heart over the loss of that child, but his relationship with God was restored immediately upon his repentance.


God promised in Phil. 4:19 to supply ALL of our NEEDS according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. However, when we are demanding our own way, not following His rules, and walking in deliberate disobedience, all the while waving our ticket to heaven, proclaiming ourselves to be Christians, He often withholds the supply because we are not in a position to receive His blessings. We take them for granted and don’t learn the lesson. If your grown child refuses to get a job, even though he is able to do so, do you keep paying his bills? Do you continue to give him everything he needs, or do you, in great love, compassion, and heartbreak, close the checkbook and tell him it’s time to grow up? If not, how do you expect him to survive after you’re gone? You aren’t going to live forever. How will that child know how to survive if he never has to?

God is our heavenly Father. We cannot ignore him until things are falling apart and then blame Him for allowing it to happen. If we demand our own way, God will allow us to go our own way, but He will withhold His blessings until we accept responsibility for our own actions. We need to accept His authority because He knows best. He sees all of time at once so He knows what’s coming.


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