First Amendment Attacked in Kansas

When we were attacked on 9/11/01 people flocked to churches and begged God to save our country, to help us get through this tragedy. People were thankful to see the Ten Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer posted in many places. As a nation we began the mantra of “God Bless America.” What happened. We got complacent, told God we were okay and didn’t need His help or intervention anymore, and look at us now. We are almost atheistic as a nation. We tried like He’s a celestial Santa Claus: “Go back to your corner, God; we’ll let you know when we want your help. Otherwise leave us alone.” What does God have to do to get us to love Him enough to let Him have control of our lives? He created us. He sent His ONLY BEGOTTEN Son to die for us. What does He owe us? Doesn’t He deserve more than we give Him?


© Sherman Dye, Feb. 4, 2016

Several days ago, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) decided to pay a visit to Pittsburg, Kansas after a resident complained about a sign hanging from the local Post Office.


Pittsburg former postmaster Ed Hindle hung the sign shortly after 9/11, at a time when similar signs were being hung from both private and government buildings alike recognizing our common American spirit and dependence on God for our safety and security.  The problem is that he did so without first asking permission from the U.S. Postal Service.  It is likely under the current mis-interpretation of the First Amendment that the Postal Service would have denied such a request outright.  Even if they had honored the request, it is likely that it would have been challenged as it has now been.

However, no court brief was filed, and the petition was never brought before any…

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