FFRF Wasting More Time on Destin Schools

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The fifty-first state of Destin is once again in the news as the FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) has found that local ministers in some areas are arriving on school campuses to speak at Bible clubs.

While this does not occur in every school in the state, there are many schools throughout the state which have long-standing relationships with religious leaders in their area.  FFRF has found (and it hasn’t exactly been kept secret) that these leaders have been invited to speak on school grounds.  But according to federal judicial rulings, this is a violation of the “separation of church and state” (a doctrine found nowhere in the constitution), and so the FFRF has taken it upon themselves to correct this grievous injustice against local students and taxpayers who are forced to vicariously support the actions of local religious leaders.

Although Destin has reorganized…

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Is the Whole World Religiously Deceived?

This is a great post. However, I would add that in order to know the TRUTH, we must use the TRUE BIBLE. With so many versions and perversions, God’s word has become diluted and has added to the confusion. If you are unable to understand the KJV Authorized version (get the oldest version you can), then please compare it with the version you prefer in order to gain a better understanding. Please do NOT use the New Century Version, the Holman Standard Version, or the Revised Standard Version. They have so watered down the deity of Christ that He appears to be not greater than any other human. Most versions delete the word “begotten” in John 3:16. This word is very important because it signifies that He is the very embodiment of God. Every person has a father whose semen begat them. God the Father planted His seed in the womb of the virgin Mary that He may become a man, to be able to identify with our sufferings. Scripture teaches that all who accept Jesus the Christ as their Savior are sons of God, but obviously not all of us were begotten of God. So that word begotten is extremely important. Without it, Jesus is just human like us, and not God.

Becoming Christians

Could the whole world be religiously deceived? Could it be possible that the majority of people today are blind to the truth of God? Could it really be possible that the “enlightened” and brilliant minds of today’s world are groping in the darkness of ignorance, deception, and trickery?

Is the Whole World Religiously DeceivedPhoto Credit: Pixabay

A world full of religious confusion

Some estimate that there are more than 4,000 religions in the world. Some of the biggest religions include Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Neopaganism, and Wicca. To make things even complicated, religion can be very difficult to define. Religion can be considered as a cultural system, belief, world view, moral value, and spirituality. The belief of many people has become too subjective to the point that truth has become relative and not absolute.

Could all of these world’s religions, with all their conflicting views, be correct?

When we look into Christianity, the…

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Donald Trump is a Christian Leader. South Carolina and the GOP Just Said So.

Amen, brother! Without mentioning his name, I had a parallel post on my blog on the 24th. If our choices come down to a dishonest woman or a rabid bully, this country is in BIG trouble. “Even so come, Lord Jesus.” This world is not my home. Lord, please saved our lost loved ones. Reb-blogging.

john pavlovitz

TrumpDonald Trump is a Christian. South Carolina’s GOP voters have confirmed this.

Never mind that his life and campaign are devoid of anything remotely resembling the Jesus of Nazareth we find in the Bible.
Forget that the rampant capitalism, unchecked ego, power lust, and repulsion for strangers oozing from his persona aren’t things anyone reading the Gospels would at a call at all Christlike.
Disregard the steady flow of verbal diarrhea; of banning refugees and building walls and shutting up women and beating up dissenters, which comprises his growing testimony.
Pay no attention to the fact that his attitude toward immigrants, Muslims, people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community are as filled with venom and contempt as can be measured.

None of that matters.
It’s all irrelevant.
We don’t care.
He doesn’t need Jesus in the slightest in order to use his name or fleece his flock.

Donald Trump is a Christian in…

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Rosie’s #BookReview Team #RBRT THE PRINCE’S MAN by @DeborahJay2 #Fantasy #wwwblogs

This is a well-written review. Re-blogging so I can learn how to be a good reviewer. Re-blogged from Rosie’s#BookReview Team

Rosie Amber

Today’s team book review is from Crystin, she blogs at http://crystinlgoodwin.wordpress.com/posts/

Rosie's Book Review team 1

Crystin has been reading and reviewing The Prince’s Man by Deborah Jay


Rustam Chalice is one of the best players in the political game that permeates Tyr-en society. A simple Dance Master, he uses his good looks and charm to ferret out vital information and state secrets from the ladies of nobility, letting his pretty face hide the competent swordsman and ruthless spy underneath. When the stability of the monarchy is threatened, the kingdom’s spymaster sends Rustam undercover with Lady Risada: a beautiful yet deadly assassin who despises him. Their mission reveals a dark plot to throw the realm into civil war, and they flee over treacherous mountains in search for help: their only bargaining chip a sick elf who might not last the journey …

I enjoyed this book – particularly the gorgeous detail that painted a beautiful…

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What’s a GL and PSS got to do with writing?

Ronovan has given us another great post of vital information for writers. Grade Reading Level and Passive Sentence Structure are very important. Now we know how to figure it all out.


If you’ve been following my Flash Fiction prompt on Fridays, you may notice I mention things called GL and passive sentence structure. Why do I do that and why are those things important?

Some people think if you write, then you’re all good. The problem with that is, you are only as good as your editor when it comes to publishing.

You must know what writing is about.

You must know what it takes to make a story you like.

You must always be learning and realize you don’t know everything and never will, and that’s okay.

Writing Tips with Ronovan-Passive Sentences and Reading Level

Grade Reading Level

GL is the reading grade level of a book. For fiction, you generally want your book not too difficult so the reader can get lost in the story and forget they are reading at all. If you can do that, you have a good reading level.

There are many ways…

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