Washington State Proposes More Gun Controls

A common-sense approach to gun control. When we devalue life by allowing the killing of some (such as the unborn), even sanction it, we teach our children that no one has value, killing isn’t wrong. When we throw away God’s Ten Commandments are arbitrary, unfair, and irrelevant for today, we teach our children that, as the song in the movie Frozen says, “There is no right or wrong, no rules.” We all want our rights and nobody else’s rights matter. We want to be safe but we don’t want God to keep us safe, and we sure don’t want Him telling us what to do and how to live. The end result is situation ethics and high crime. Think about it.


© Sherman Dye, Jan. 23, 2016

I hate to keep writing about this, really.  It’s like beating a dead horse, only the horse keeps getting back up.  Has the zombie apocalypse come in the form of politicians who continue to moan “guuuunnns” instead of “braiaiaiaiains”?  It’s certainly beginning to seem that way.

From thenewstribune.com, “Victims of gun violence, families of people killed in mass shootings and police officers urged Washington state lawmakers on Thursday to support a list of measures designed to keep firearms away from children and at-risk people…”

I realize it’s hard for politicians to avoid the low-hanging fruit of people begging for the government zombies to “do something” about all the gun violence.  But their solution?  One of the proposed measures, according to the same article (link below), would be to require firearms in a home setting to be stored and locked away, so as to…

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