Self-Promotion the Friendly Way

Thank you so much. I haven’t been advertising my book much because I don’t want to turn people off. I’ve been tweeting and promoting other authors, and blogging and following, and commenting (sometimes) but keeping up with all of that plus email, plus writing, etc, etc., etc., you understand. So I’ve neglected the personal touch and my blogging has mostly been re-blogging for quite a while now. Think I’ll back up and go back to the personal approach. I like people. I need to show it.

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

Have a book to sell? Always sending out tweets asking people to buy your book? You’re probably being ignored.

After a couple years of using social media to promote this blog, I have seen a trend. I have more than 3,000 followers on Twitter, and I get maybe two or three views per day from Twitter. That’s it. Promoting on Twitter doesn’t work. I have only 62 followers on my Facebook page, and more than 200 friends on my personal account, and I get up to ten views per day from Facebook. Much better percentage, but not amazing. I get nothing from Google+, nothing from Pinterest (except my Happy Little Cloud post keeps getting repinned), and very little from LinkedIn. So, why do people always say to market ourselves via social media? Well, I also see them say to tweet your blog posts multiple times per day, which to me…

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