An interesting article on Editing:

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On Editing

Writing is easy

Producing sellable writing, not so

It really is a craft, a skill requiring meticulous understanding

When Johnny isn’t throwing rocks at Kimi

He edits novels…

When editing or critiquing, I work with the definite knowledge that every word matters. Every single word. To create beautiful prose, or prose that works well; i.e. it gives reader the smoothest and therefore the most enjoyable read he can have, means examining closely, in detail, the true meaning and the order of the words you choose to use, considering above all, reader’s moving imagery in his reading brain.

Misused words bring poor prose. Poor prose brings cloudy imagery and broken rhythm. Being a good editor/analyser is having the ability to perceive the given prose as a reader; to build the imagery via the given words one word at a time. The more considered those words…

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