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A new author of Sherlock Holmes stories, and new emerging novels not part of Sherlock Holmes. Enjoy the reading.

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Manda PepperThe M stands for “Manda.” Or sometimes “Mandy.” And to my college friends, “Methos.”

I grew up in a house filled with Sherlock Holmes. You know, everything goes in cycles, and as I was around eight years old, Sherlock Holmes was back in rotation. My favorite movie was Young Sherlock Holmes, and my dad and I would watch the Granada series that starred Jeremy Brett. My dad was a big fan of Holmes, had not only a collection of the Doyle stories but a number of other books. The Nicholas Meyer books, of course, and then just random others. And I devoured all this, and watched the Basil Rathbone movies, and things like Without a Clue indiscriminately. So I guess it makes sense that I would later become the author of Sherlock Holmes stories.

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I wrote Mystery of the Last Line in 1999 as…

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