The Joy Of Rockhounding

Almost two weeks ago I went with a rockhounding group to a site near Lake Havasu City in Arizona. The site was called Agate Hill. I was astounded. Although I took tools with me to dig up some rocks, the tools were unnecessary. The rocks containing agate were everywhere. I wish I could include pictures but WordPress no longer allows me to access my own photos and I’m not willing to risk a lawsuit by using photos on the internet, even though some are labeled free sites.

The agates I found were large rocks with opaque masses of pale lavender to white stone with occasional glimpses of red or pink. I took about thirty pounds of rock home. Today I paid five dollars to have two of the rocks sliced. The first cut was called an inspection cut, which allowed me to see what the rock would look like as a smooth slab. Both rocks made very nice cuts, showing good color so I had a smooth slab cut from each one.

The second rock was different. It was still agate, but there was a lot of red in it. The slab came out so pretty. I’m looking forward to using both slabs as centers for pine needle baskets. Wish I could show pictures when they are done.

If you have questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you. I may not have many answers as this is my first venture into rock-hounding but I have a book that details the make-up of rocks and minerals, the kinds of areas where they are found, and equipment needed to clean them  so I can identify what I’ve got.

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