How to Motivate more Amazon Follows

Here is more information for authors on how to attract attention to your Amazon site. For my followers on FB, I’m sorry if these types of posts upset you or offend you, but this was supposed to be my FB author page, but FB was not able to distinguish between my friend/family page and author page, so this is what I do. I appreciate my friends and family who have stuck with me. I pray you will continue to do so. You can also unfriend this page and just send a friend request to my Aleta Kay page. It might work.


Amazon Following


Amazon just announced a new tool designed to help authors generate many more Amazon followers.

First, let me give a little background:

  • Customers can follow their favorite authors directly at
  • It seems ideal for both customers and authors, EXCEPT…
  • Unfortunately, most customers don’t think to do this.
  • Customers need to visit the author page and click the button to follow the author. Few do it, presently.
  • Amazon lets you send an email to your Amazon followers after publishing a new Kindle edition. But first, you need Amazon followers.

So just imagine how awesome it would be IF…

  • Amazon offered a tool to help authors generate more Amazon follows.
  • Through this tool, Amazon motivated customers to follow authors.
  • Many customers took advantage of this opportunity to follow authors of interest.
  • Amazon follows rose from a mere dozen to hundreds or thousands for many authors.

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