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Christoph Fischer has written another historical novel that takes the reader into the very heart of a real family that suffered through the holocaust. If you like history and have an interest in WWII Germany, this book is a must-read.


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Christoph Fischer
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How did you have the idea for Ludwika?
I was contacted by Ludwika’s family to help them with their ancestry research. I learned a lot about the woman through contact with her children and through the documents my sister and I came across. My sister suggested I could make this into a novel but I was not convinced. Re-telling a life story seemed like painting by numbers.
The tragedy of Ludwika’s life, however, stuck with me the longer I engaged with it. The gaps in our knowledge about her life continued to bother me and eventually I felt the story within the story.
You could say I fell in love with a woman so devoted to her children and so full of determination.
What is the tragedy of Ludwika’s life?
Ludwika was one of many…

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