History in Corinth, MS

When we left Tennessee to head west for the winter, our first overnight stop wasn’t far from where we left. We stopped in Corinth, Mississippi and spent a couple of nights (due to bad weather) in the Walmart parking lot.

My husband and I both like history and Corinth has a wealth of Civil War information. We went to the Civil War Interpretive Center and I, at least, was blown away by the sheer volume of information. The center is maintained by the Department of the Interior and has two films and room after room of interactive displays that dispense more information than I could possibly take note of in just one day.

Most of the displays are wall boards with buttons underneath that, when pushed, give more information than just what is printed on the board. Most of them have three buttons, offering you different categories of information so the patron can choose the part that pertains to that individual’s interest.

The walkway outside is lined with embedded bronzed articles of the Confederacy: a cap, jacket, canteen, musket, bayonet, a boot, etc.

There is information about the railroad and the part it played in the strategic placement of troops and transporting supplies. It also tells about the occupation of Corinth by Union troops, and the response of the citizens left behind.

All of this information is available for a donation. There is no entry fee, only a box set by the bathrooms in which to drop a donation, the amount determined by the patron. Please visit this amazing museum and give it as much support as you can. We need to keep our history alive, else we will not learn its lessons.