Trust God-not man

This is so true. As humans, we tend to put some people on pedestals (which they usually don’t ask for), then rip them to pieces when they fall. It bothers me a lot when people say they don’t need to go to church. Yes, you can worship God anywhere, but chances are you don’t. Scripture tells us plainly not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, especially as the world gets colder towards Christ and Christians. We need each other. We need to pray for each other. If you aren’t in church you’re not praying for your brothers and sisters in Christ who need your prayers. You are also not giving them an opportunity to pray for your needs. Especially at this time of year, remember what Christ gave up (heaven and all its glory, a life with no suffering, or pain, or heartache) to come to earth as a baby, to suffer as we do, to identify with us, that He could and would take our penalty for sin, and offer us the free gift of salvation. Is it really too much for Him to ask that we worship Him, not just in church, but in our daily lives?

Pearl Sisters

Trust God and not man. Easier said than done. The convenience of confiding in an individual with five senses, rather than a Father who at times is silent-inevitable. Trust in the unseen has to mastered in order to avoid misunderstandings, disappointments and paintotal surrender.

We place unrealistic expectations on humans, in particular vessels of God and are ‘stunned’ when they do not meet our “godly standards”. “If only the pastor could touch me, that would be the end of my problems”. “Did you hear about the pastor who slept with a member of the congregation?”. We thank God for pouring His spirit upon man and for the gifting’s He has blessed us with(Acts 2:17). However, just like the rest of us, vessels of God fall short and also have struggles. In fact, they need more prayers than we…

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