Back in the Desert Again!

It may seem strange to most people that someone who loves flowers and gardens could find such majesty and beauty in scrub shrubs, cactus, and desert. But driving across New Mexico and Arizona (on I-10) opens up such vastness, I can’t help but be filled with awe and wonder. The realization that we live in a speck of space in a universe that is filled with many galaxies, planets, and suns beyond our realm of vision or experience, humbles me to realize that God, the Supreme Artist and Author, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, chooses to pay attention to me.

It’s not because I’m anything special or unique. His relationship with me has nothing to do with anything within myself. It is all because He chose me and I responded. God has chosen each and every one of us; His grace, mercy, peace, and forgiveness (just to name a few of His gifts for us) are available and free to all who will choose to invite Him to be Lord of their lives. He never says no to anyone who asks Him to come in to their heart.

I see stars here that I have difficulty seeing anywhere else because there are no street lights out here in the desert. We watched a meteor shower two nights ago. That was better than anything on television. We didn’t stay outside long, though. It was cold outside. We get to see spectacular sunsets because of the dust the wind throws up in the air.

The purple mountains have a constant white cloud that sits at their base in the distance. The sky at the highest point I can see is like electric blue (it’s my favorite shade of blue and when I was a kid I always called it summer-sky blue), and as it reaches toward the horizon it dims to a lighter blue, then baby blue, then a light aqua. I have seen cloud formations that take my breath away. The other day there was a white anvil shaped cloud above a mountain with a blue spot in the middle. There was a thin black cloud that was so broken it looked like words that swallowed up by that blue spot. As the words faded a bright white light seemed to get brighter and brighter on the end before the cloud finally changed shape and the brightness was gone.

More travel snippets later. I’m trying to get a handle on fixing the novel I’ve been working on for years. Thanks for reading.

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