A simple guide to planning a novel – Part 3

G.L. Cromarty

In Part 1 and Part 2 of My simple guide to planning a novel, we completed some pre-work, explored our character timelines, and created a framework to pin our plot points on to.

The beginning and the end

Today we are going to explore in detail at some of the key plot points, including:

  • The hook / question
  • The conclusion
  • The epic ending

Q: How what order will we fill in our chapters?

A: NOT in chronological order…because that would be normal, and normal is known to stifle creativity. Instead, we are going to jump about, just a little.

The more we jump about the timeline the more we will encourage our brain to make lateral connections. Keep a stack of post it notes or a blank pad next to you. If anything pops-up scribble it down. Don’t worry about where or how it fits, just scribble, and if you have any relevant details, such as A must happen before B, note…

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