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My wife and I visited the Corinth, MS. Interactive Civil War Center today. I was awestruck at the massiveness of the battles that took place in this area, and the huge loss of life. As I watched the presentations, I had 2 nagging thoughts:
1 — Slavery was not a “moral” issue for either side; it was an “economic” issue!
The average worker in the north was angered at the jobs the slaves were doing, taking away their ability to provide a living for their families. Is there much differance between that and the issue of cheap Mexican labor coming into this country to do a job that most Americans don’t want to do?
Don’t misunderstand what I am saying. I am not looking at this from the slaves’ point of view. The slave was forced here while the imigrant has come willingly. This is a huge difference!
I am looking at this from the view of the average US citizen. The worker is afraid of the jobs the imigrant is taking, and those that use this cheap labor force don’t see any other way for their busniss to survive.
2 — The political issue is even more astounding to me.
Most people object to slavery today on the grounds that it is morally reprehensible, and I agree. Some people want to remove all symbols of the Confederacy. I do not agree! If we forget our past, we are bound to repeat it. What really confounds me is that the majority of those people who want to remove all Confederate symbolism are Democratic. Have we forgotton that it was the Demcratic party that wanted to keep the slave as property? They passed laws to this affect and put Supreme Court Justices in place that would back them up.
While African Americans are no longer enslaved by plantation masters, as a nation we have become enslaved by the mastery of our goverment.

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