Looking For a Christian Literary Agent

My novel, Mending Fences, is availabe as an ebook on Amazon. It was published in Kindle format by Amazon. It was enrolled in the KDP program but I removed it because I hope to eventually be able to make it available on other sites as well.

Mending Fences is the fictional story of Robert McGinn and his family. Robert is a Viet Nam vet who, upon returning home after the conflict was declared ended, decided he never wanted to fight about anything, ever again. It left him battle scarred and weak (at least in his own eyes).

Robert is a Christian and a pastor. He is so busy serving the Lord that he is rarely home when his family needs him most. When his little girl dies while he is away, his wife April decides she has had enough of being a pastor’s wife. After the funeral she asks him to leave. April and their son, Jack, go through many hardships while Robert moves from Christmasville, TN to Oregon. They refuse all contact with him.

Seventeen years after the divorce Robert is diagnosed with a terminal illness. He is given three months to live. What will he do? Will his family even care that he is living with a death sentence? Does he want to find out if they care? Does he have enough time left to even bother? And where in the world is God in all of this?

With his faith in God shaken, he sets off on a journey. Where will it take him? Is it possible, or even worth the bother, to try to mend all of the fences in his life? Will the nightmare that keeps haunting him ever stop? It is a nightmare in which he is surrounded by various types of broken down fencing. Though never one to put much stock in dreams, it won’t leave him alone. He must find the answer.

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