Uploading and Setting up your Amazon Ebook – Does SEO Really Matter?

Maybe I’ll be an Indy author some day.

david gordon burke indie author

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I spend a lot of time looking at other writer´s works.  Sometimes I am reading INDIE authors, other times I am surfing around Amazon, looking at what is happening with other writers.  One of the things that amazes me is how little effort some writers put into all the work that needs to be done after the book is on-line.

Of course, there is a ton of criticism launched towards INDIE writers based on their work; I won’t get into that in this blog.  It´s an objective thing and I am well aware of the fact that I tend to be extremely critical of other´s works and oh, so forgiving of my own flaws.  This is the devil we all deal with day to day.  This is not a science.  The scientific part is what I wish to discuss today.

One huge issue is the cover.  I am astounded at…

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