Dear Congress – Sincerely, A Mass Shooting Survivor

This is one point of view from someone who survived an attack and watched members of her family suffer injury and death.

Laurie Works

Dear Congress,

I write you today upon hearing the grave news that another heinous mass shooting has happened, this time in Roseburg, Oregon. We learned today that at least 10 people have lost their lives, and at least 7 have been injured.

I write you this letter so that you can see the face of a survivor.  I write you this letter as someone who saw with my own eyes the horror of a mass shooting, a shooting that took the lives of my twin and younger sister and injured my father at New Life Church in December 2007. And most importantly I write this letter to open a dialogue about the role that gun violence has played in our country.

I say specifically to open a dialogue, because I am not strictly anti-gun. I feel that I am in a unique place to address this issue. About 3…

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Flash Fiction: The Audition

Here’s an interesting flash fiction story by Random. Nicely written twist. Happy reading!

Randoms by a Random


Katy flounced into the audition room wearing a strapless polka knee-length gown, paired with black all-stars converse, she was hoping the mixture of dressy and casual would help adhere her towards the judges. The scream of “next” upon her entrance was a slap on the cheek.

“But I haven’t even auditioned”, she protested.
“Sorry love, maybe next time. Now hurry off.. Next contestant!” the bald judge, Andre screamed, looking beyond Katy towards the entrance.
“I’ll be dammed if I leave here without an audition” muttered Katy.

A crash resonated throughout the almost empty hall.
“Quick, someone get an ambulance”, Andre ordered.

Katy lay on the floor, her hands limp by her side while the rest of her body shuddered. She was salivating by the time Andre got to her. Scared out of his wits, he tried to position her body to lay laterally on her side when he thought he…

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