Raven’s Hold Part 1 #thriller #fiction

An eerie beginning to what promises to be an unusual trip into the mind of a schizophrenic patient.

Legends of Windemere

West Park Aslym West Park Asylum

Dawn clutches her duffle bag as she stands on the small pier and gazes at the distant mainland. It looks so much like another world that the nervous brunette wonders if it is another of her hallucinations. She bites into her thumb and lets the pain clear her mind, a habit that she hopes will be eliminated at Raven’s Hold. Sucking on the bleeding digit, Dawn is mildly happy to see that everything around her is real and her mind is not playing its usual tricks on her. With a little more confidence, the young woman clicks the heels of her sneakers and turns to face her new home.

What Dawn sees is not the ivy-covered, creepy asylum that she expected. Two male attendants in white stand at the beginning of a red brick walkway. Neatly trimmed hedges run along the sides and end a few feet…

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