Did you want ME to interview YOU? Let’s get started!

If you want you (and your work) to get noticed, here’s a good chance to be interviewed.

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!

If you want to do an author interview or author profile where I ask you questions and you answer them, it’s EASY!

(Authors interviews will be with people who have books for sale, but profiles can be of anyone, published or not, and other than that they’re about the same. So bloggers and newbie authors, you aren’t being left behind.)


A brief explanation of what’s involved is HERE

First, pick 10-20 questions from the list below that you like and want you to answer, plus one or two bonus questions, along with a few of your own that you want readers to know but I didn’t ask. Skim over the list, we’ll be adding to it all the time.


Send the questions with your witty, interesting answers to me at my email address or use the CONTACT ME button


Then I’ll go over them…

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