Guest author: Howard Kaplan “Damascus Cover”

These books sound intriguing, as do Mr. Kaplan’s experiences in Russia. I am reblogging and sharing.


Today I have the pleasure to introduce an author whose book was made into a film (and with such great actors, too). Since I just returned from Jerusalem and have been to Damascus and Syria in the early 90s I’m particularly interested in this book.
Howard Kaplan has kindly agreed to write a blog post to tell us about his book and success story.1505663_873254849412787_3428435138121261288_n

When I was in my early twenties backpacking through Europe, a friend and I flew on a lark to Lebanon.  In Beirut, we learned a shared taxi service—nine seat diesel Mercedes Benzes—ran regularly between Beirut and Damascus and Syria routinely issued visas at the border.  Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited city on earth, an oasis surrounded by apricot orchards as underground rivers from Lebanon come up there.  So we went.  Among the places we visited was Marjeh Square, where the Israeli agent, Eli Cohen…

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