Branding your Books into a Series – Episode 1 of 4…

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A while back, Chris was kind enough to let me run a multi-part series about making book trailers on a shoe-string budget. In the comments of one of the episodes, someone asked about branding book covers to indicate a series. It’s taken me a while to get everyone’s permission, because I wanted to highlight a couple of different ways you can do this, and that meant finding someone with either a completed, published series, or someone like myself who had their covers completed, and was just filling in the stories to go inside.

I still don’t have my final cover finished, though I will show it when I get to that point. There is a massive amount of work to finish getting it ready for publication. However, I needed it to make a point. (So, when you see it, don’t laugh. It’s still kind of pitiful.)

With that, here…

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