The Self-Publishing Juggling Act: How Write AND Market Your Book

Boy, do I need this one!

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Using Creativity to Write and Market a BookWhy Indie Authors Need to Learn to be Jacks of All Trades

Publish a novel and you may think your work is done. But for most authors, the hard work is just beginning. Author Francis Powell published a collection of short stories in April. He shares how he learned to promote his book in creative ways, using some old skills and strategies and a variety of new ones.

I jumped on the book marketing band wagon last May.  Since then I have been learning all manner of news skills, as well as tapping into skills I previously had.  I have been using a lot of my “photo shop” skills, developing images, that are inserted into blog articles or adverts that I have posted on Twitter.  People often remind you, tweets work much better with an image. I am fortunate in that my book is a book of short stories  which include  22 illustrations…

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