My journey to Jerusalem

Regardless of your political views, Israel and the U.S. are connected spiritually. Not liking it doesn’t change it. Personally, I love Israel and wish I could go some day. This was a remarkable journey for Christoph. May he have many more re-connects with his friend, Ofer.


images (40)Twenty years ago I rented a room off an art student in London. He was enrolled in a film course at St Martin’s College, I had my first job at the British Film Institute – we had a lot in common and a great time together. Sadly we lost contact when he moved back to Israel.


By chance we re-connected over the internet a few years ago and finally I got to meet my friend Ofer again this month in Jerusalem, where he works in a beautiful hotel in the German Colony. I had a fantastic time  -Ofer is the best tour guide ever.
I also have come a step closer to getting THE LUCK OF THE WEISSENSTEINERS translated into Hebrew.

images (44)But back to my holiday. I was asked to write about my experience, so here goes:

Not only is Jerusalem a wonderful
city with a lot of historical sights…

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4 thoughts on “My journey to Jerusalem

  1. You’re welcome, Christoph. As a Christian, my heart is broken for the confusion and political disturbance there. As an American I wonder how many of us have Jewish blood in our veins and don’t even know it? Most of us are a mixed pot of stew so we should all discard our prejudices. The photos were great. I must admit, though, I have not been able to find a hummus that I liked. But, oh, to be able to see the land where Jesus walked and taught. I do wonder how many of the tourist places are where He actually went, though. Catholics and Protestants have each set up their own shrines. Still, I would love to visit this beautiful country. I also liked the music videos. Though I don’t understand (speak) Hebrew, the song by the female duo touched something in my spirit. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m done rambling now.


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