Another Favorite Series

Another author that I like a lot is Jan Karon. She wrote a series about a little town called Mitford. When I read them there were five books in the series.

The main character is an Episcopal priest who is lonely in the first book. He complains to God that he is in his 60’s and doesn’t have anyone with whom to share his life. The rest of the first book is about the varied ways in which God answers that complaint.

The characters throughout the series are the same; they are the populace of the town and they are as varied as the many kinds of candy in a candy store.

The books are delightful, fun reading. They made me laugh and they made me cry. I enjoyed every book I read (all five of them) in the series. Someone told me there are seven books in the series now. If her books don’t make you laugh, get your laugh button checked; it’s malfunctioning.

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