10 Tips to Make Blogging Enjoyable. Traps to Avoid.

This was so helpful to me. Glad I’m not the only one who struggles with content and keeping up with followers. I’ve had to whittle down my list, but it wasn’t easy. I’m still not finished. I will miss the ones I’m unfollowing, but I”m sticking to the ones I learn the most from and pass on the knowlege, as well as apply it to my own writing.


Sometimes you start to blog, not having blog tips as warnings, you are all excited and you do things to your blog or that involves blogging that ultimately end up being traps that are like quicksand. They drag you down and deplete you of energy as you work to pull yourself out of what has happened.

What you do with your blog is ultimately up to you, because you want your blog to BE you. It represents part of you that you want to put out there.

Today I want to cover 10 things, traps if you will, that will cost you time, cause you weariness, and create misery. Knowing these things ahead of time might be able to save you. As a blogger now, you can maybe head these things off before they get out of hand. Or if you’re neck deep already, perhaps these 10 tips will give…

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