Capturing History Challenge – Week 1

What a great and interesting idea. Perhaps in a couple of weeks or so I’ll be able to come with a picture or two to contribute. Thanks for sharing and opening this challenge. have a great day.

Ed Mooney Photography

Untitled-1 (640x302)

Its finally here and I am really excited about this. Heritage week has been in full swing in Ireland since last Saturday. And the response to last week Challenge  has been amazing. I had half expected that I would be the only one posting for this, but the amount of support has blown me away. The idea behind this challenge is to raise the awareness of people to the fact that our little world is filled with fantastic history and heritage, which is sadly forgotten about and ignored or destroyed. I also hope that this challenge can continue on a weekly basis, with your support, and that we can all learn about new and interesting places and some of the history behind them

So for our inaugural week we have four+ heritage related images from near and far. Each one is unique in its own right and tells a great…

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