Online Safety – Careful who you follow back on Google + Especially if they are in uniform.

Bloggers Beware. This is very important. Be careful who you follow.

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I have just done something out of character for me.. I usually reserve my right to block people on social media for offensive behaviour, pornographic images, abuse of animals or people and those who feel having a gun in their profile will impress me.

Thankfully this has only resulted in a handful of blocks in the past but I am a trifle miffed by several unwanted intrusions on Twitter and Google + in the last couple of weeks.

What really miffed me is the four or so US Army Generals who have followed me recently.. For example this morning.. A note in to say that General Milley M. Mark is now following me and he is based in Afghanistan.

I have become suspicious of these follows and always check them out and today was really interesting.

There is a General Milley M. Mark who has had a distinguished career in…

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