The Hand of God: Will You Obey?

First and foremost I write for the Lord. I have prayed over this post and asked God to use it for His honor and glory, that it may lead someone who doesn’t know Him to want to get to know this amazing, powerful, mighty, everlasting, loving, gracious, merciful, heavenly Father. I have also prayed that those believers who are trying to straddle an imaginary fence, living with one foot in the world and the other on the side of churchianity, will be convicted by this post and turn to God with a loving heart, seeking God’s love, patience, mercy and forgiveness.

I’ve been studying the book of Micah lately. He was a contemporary of Isaiah. The book was written to the people of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and Judah around 742-687 B.C. During this time the priests were among the chiefest of sinners, causing the people to sin by their own example as well as neglecting the teaching of God’s word (the books of the law). The priests had no compassion for the people and their plight; they were more interested in themselves and what they could squeeze out of the common folk. They would then cry out to God when the people murmured and complained against them. God refused to listen to them.

My point in writing this little devotion today is to hopefully awaken some of our clergy (and everyday people who claim to love God but live in defiance of His word). All of us, clergy or no, are responsible for the example we set for those around us. We are responsible to be an ensample (that means as close in similarity as possible) of Christ because the world is watching, looking for real, genuine faith. Young believers, those who have only know Christ a short time, need to be shown how to live by God’s rules and statutes. They sure won’t get it from non-believers.

Our country has been so blessed by God for so long that it seems we have taken His blessings for granted. When those planes hit the twin towers in New York on Sept. 11, 2001, people flocked back to the churches and the expression, “God Bless America” was once again heard on the airwaves and in rallies. However, it wasn’t long before America forgot God again and went back to business as usual. “Okay, God, thanks for listening, but we’re okay now. We’ll call again the next time we need you.” That’s the same thing the priests did in Micah’s day, and God said, “Nope. I’m done with your hardheartedness. I will send more trouble because that’s the only way to get you to do what’s right.”

I personally know people who claim to be Christians that think it’s okay to be shacked up together without benefit of marriage. I personally know Christians (at least they say they are, not my place to judge, but it is my place to point out error) who say they don’t have to go to church; they can worship God anywhere. The fact is, yes, you can worship God anywhere, but if you aren’t willing to obey the scripture that says not to forsake the assembling of yourselves together, then you can’t have true worship either, because you are walking in defiance, disobedience to God’s word. We should worship Him everywhere. He alone is worthy of our praise. But without church, you can’t be praying for your brothers and sisters in Christ; you aren’t tithing (it isn’t supposed to go to a TV preacher; the Bible says to take it to the local storehouse); you aren’t contributing to the spread of the gospel by supporting missionaries; and you aren’t giving your brothers and sisters a chance to pray for your needs. If you aren’t in church, you aren’t in communication with them, and they don’t know what you’re going through.

For those of you who think God is just a big bully; you want to blame Him for your choices (yeah, I get that from my daughter too, her choices are my fault? Really?) because He is omnipotent, think about this: If you really believe He is omnipotent, all powerful, and you refuse to repent, thus inviting His wrath and condemnation, don’t you think you’re being foolish? Your attitude doesn’t change Him one bit. The prudent (wise) thing to do would be to repent, ask for forgiveness of your sins, and turn your life over to Him. After all, He is smarter than you are; He is wiser; and He is definitely more powerful. If you can’t beat Him, join Him. The devil tried to defeat God thousands of years ago. He lost the battle and was kicked out of heaven. Now the devil is trying to wreak havoc in our lives to get back at God, especially those who choose to follow God. But remember, after this life spans eternity. Where you choose to spend eternity is your choice.

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