Songs by the Sea

When I read this post I could picture a group of people standing hand in hand, singing by the sea off the rocky coast of Newfoundland by one of its many lighthouses, or in Nova Scotia, or any number of other favorite familiar places.


We gather at the wharf in the darkening evening.  We join hands as one by one we take our place in the circle.  The lively catch-up chatter slowly subsides and as a single entity our heads rise.  ‘Shozaloza’ rings out loud resonating, round the almost empty seaside village, as our song begins.  Looking out across the estuary the variety and intensity of the colours strike me.  The tide is a long, long way out.  The muted blues and greens meld into turquoise like an artist’s palette spread out before us.  Occasional splodges of red, yellow and orange streaks mark where boats lie, on their sides, as if exhausted waiting for the reinvigorating tip and tilt of the tide.  The clothes we wear mimic the scene blue skirt, green jacket, brown trousers with splashes of red scarf, yellow shirt and orange cardigan.  The lights of the opposite bank twinkle brightly.  The…

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